November 8th 1998 - Reviewed by Graham Reed

Guests: David Berglas, Wayne Dobson, Keith Fields, Richard McDougall, Andy Nyman and Marc Paul. Hosted by Duncan Trillo.


The Park Court Hotel

Duncan Trillo welcomed seventy registrants to 'MindMagic'98' on Sunday 8th November in London's Park Court Hotel. In his opening remarks Duncan stressed the emphasis throughout the day was on "involvement and participation". This proved to be a major factor during the packed programme with numerous ideas and comments being contributed by many people in the room.

Duncan had structured a day in which lectures alternated with video clips. Video footage included fascinating snippets of several "mind-magicians" in action including:

Uri Geller duplicating a drawing on a Terry Wogan show.

Max Maven with a delightful Jumbo ESP 'test' involving a $100 bill and a volunteer. A true "Psychological Entertainer" at work.

Simon Drake with his frighteningly dramatic Russian Roulette.

Duncan himself reading minds in cabaret.

David Copperfield with an applause-grabbing version of Koran's Medallion and "room service".

Marc Paul was the opening lecturer with a wealth of tested material including several strong effects with billets. Marc made the point that "true mentalisim" is about revealing personal information and billets enabled you to do this far better than merely telling somebody they are thinking of "three wavy lines!" Another nice line from Marc was "the billet should be psychologically invisible - your frame of mind is vitally important." A fast-moving session which deserved the enthusiastic applause.


Wayne Dobson & Duncan Trillo

Wayne Dobson was introduced and the audience welcomed him with great warmth and affection. Wayne concentrated on revealing his techniques and subtleties for Hoy's tossed out deck - plus a baffling Do as I Do in which a spectator finds the performer's card. A lovely trick with a powerful finish. As we all know Wayne has a delightful sense of humour and some superb patter-lines. He entertained us as only Wayne can. Thanks Wayne.

Keith Fields showed his very neat book-test "insight" and then generated some lively discussion about the ethics of mentalism. We all have different approaches but what, exactly, are we selling? Do we have a responsibility to admit we are cheats! There seemed to be as many different opinions as there were people in the room! Keith deserves credit for planning a session which encouraged us all to think, and to share our views, and listen to the thoughts of others.

Star Guest David Berglas

David Berglas has a goldmine of magical knowledge and he shared ideas and anecdotes in a "master class" supported with video clips from some of his TV shows. David speaks with a quiet authority and he had a knowledgeable audience in the palms of his hands. We were hanging on every word. We want more - and, David, it's about time you wrote THE book.

David Lang had a new idea he wanted to show us all - a version of Russian Roulette with live electrical cables - and a death wish! It was a great idea, dramatic and entertaining.

Richard McDougall gave a polished talk on Stagecraft in which he made some first-class points. "Success depends, largely, on the quality of your communication and conviction." "What energy are you giving to your audience?" "The performers body gives information." "You must take control of the stage." Richard's presentation was rewarded with loud applause, proving the value of presentations containing ideas other than tricks!


Andy Nyman

Andy Nyman was the final speaker and he featured several proven ideas from his own act. Andy is a professional actor and he has a powerful in-your-face approach which grabbed the audience's attention from the very first minute. Andy shared seven favorite effects including a baffler in which his assistant reveals all the details of a murder which was planned when he was in another room. A lecture with practical ideas.

Andy, David and Richard finished the seminar as the experts on an 'Any Questions' panel - another lively debate.

It was an excellent day in every way and Duncan is already planning MindMagic'99. Take my tip and buy a ticket as soon as they are available. Incidentally there were delegates from Scotland, Ireland and the furthermost reaches of the UK. Everybody agreed it was time and money well spent. Thanks to everybody, including Bob Hamilton who provided video projection equipment for the day.

Reviewed by Graham Reed 1998